Some words about me

Born in Toulouse, France, I spent almost all my life in this region. When I was a child I always wanted to step outside the house and stay hours observing the wildlife of the surroundings, especially insects. I soon began passionate about these living beings, started to read books about their biology and take pictures of this small world.

Later, after high school, I then decided to study ecology and biology of conservation. After graduating from a Master in biodiversity management I went for a one year trip in New Zealand which completely changed my approach of photography. Before going there I was mostly focused on macro photography (especially dragonflies) because it allowed me to show this discreet world from another point of view. I also hoped that, by revealing the beauty of these animals, people would become aware of the importance of preserving them.

While travelling in New Zealand I was so amazed by the diversity of landscapes, I knew I had to learn about this type of photography so I could show how beautiful this country is. A few months later, after several nights gazing at the stars on the South Island, I wondered how it would look on a picture. These moments spent outside looking at the Milky Way were so intense and inspiring that I desperately wanted to keep memories of them, not only in my head. I then found out what astrophotography was. I discovered that, even with a relatively cheap gear, it was possible to see things you cannot see with your eyes. From that moment I practiced a lot, everywhere I went when the sky was clear enough I tried new compositions and new technics, always thrilled by the outcome.

Once I got back to Europe, I decided to put what I learned in New Zealand into practice. My short trip in Iceland and 2 years stay in Auvergne (France) were the perfect opportunity for that. 

I’m now looking to share what I saw and learned on the other parts of the globe. For me, photography will always be a way to communicate, show how beautiful and diversified the nature is and educate on the necessity of protecting it. 

Enjoy the Wildlife, Landscapes, Seascapes and Nightscapes galleries. You can also check out my latest photos on Facebook.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in buying prints you can contact me through the link at the top of this page.

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